Helping developers deliver better housing projects

Who We Are is a collaboration between independent property analysts Michael Matusik and Paul Broad. Collectively we have helped over 1,000 new housing projects. We have been in this business for almost 30 years.
Our involvement is designed to help get your project right – through advice and collaboration – as to the type of residential project best suited to the area’s population and demographic characteristics, the site’s locational attributes and prevailing market conditions. helps developers deliver better housing projects

What We Do

1. Better Market Match

We identify key lifecycle segments, their depth and direction and their housing product needs + wants.

2. Proven Market Analysis

Five vital signs - market position, direction, depth, existing + future supply and underlying demand

3. Implementable Advice

Product type, size, design, mix - price points + rents - rate of sale - timing of release - marketing strategy.

We only operate in a few select markets; we ground truth everything and we help you minimise your sales risk. 

Recent work

Townhouse Project Positioning: Melbourne

Apartment Project Review: Brisbane

Detailed Information Memorandum: Gold Coast

Build to Rent Investigations: Australia-wide


We have worked on numerous project definition and implementation jobs together in recent years.  Ever willing to strongly advocate their research and views, Michael and Paul are effective team players and know when to step up to the plate and lead the process in their areas of expertise.

Ray, Architect

Both provide a much needed and invaluable service to the housing development industry. Their understanding and interpretation of all things housing related is second to none. Easy to follow, consistently accurate, their advice is essential for anyone developing residential real estate.

Jason, Project Manager

Michael and Paul are two of the few property analysts that I trust. They tell it like it is without the ‘fluff’, self-interest or BS that seems to pervade the property industry. Their project advice service is founded on research, a deep understanding of buyer wants and market dynamics and not ‘marketing spin’.

David, Developer 

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