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Direct investment in residential property, like all investments, involves a number of risks. If these eventuate, your income might be lower than expected. There may even be none. In addition, the capital value of your investment could fall.

The key risks of investing in property are outlined below:

  • The property purchased may not provide the income or capital gains the asset was expected to produce.
  • There is a risk that your property may, for periods of time, lie vacant and hence not generate income. Maintenance and repair costs are the investor’s responsibility and can vary, and at times be significant. Such costs are sometimes recoverable from rental bonds or under insurance policies.
  • There are a number of factors that affect the general property market including increases in supply and falls in demand; the cyclical nature of property values; increases in taxes and operating expenses; overall economic conditions; demographic changes; changes in town planning laws; casualty and condemnation losses; environmental risks; regulation on rents; detrimental new developments in the area; increases in interest rates; similarly, inflation and changes to bank funding policies.
  • Gearing increases the volatility in the value of your investment. In the early stages of residential investment, a significant fall in the property’s value may see balances fall to less than the total amount of borrowings.
  • Increases in interest rates often increase the cost of borrowings.
  • Changes in laws or their interpretations including taxation, superannuation and corporate regulatory laws, practice and policy could have an impact on your investment.
  • You should seek professional advice before investing in residential property.


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In addition, no forecasts are being made about potential capital gains or rental returns. Past information about capital gains or rental growth does not imply such gains or growth will be made in the future.

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